Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment was established as per the Gazette Extraordinary No: 2283/34 of 9th of June 2022. Sri Lanka Women’s Bureau, National Committee on Women, Department of Probation & Child Services, National Child Protection Authority, National Secretariat for Early Childhood Development and all the divisions functions under Social Empowerment sections under the Ministry. According to this extraordinary gazette, 29 priorities related to women's, children's affairs and social empowerment have been assigned to our ministry.

The goal behind the establishment of the Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment was the creation of Sri Lankan society that is sensitive to the needs of women and children would work for their betterment to achieve this goal.

Empowering women economically, especially through their involvement in trade, creates multiple opportunities for livelihood and economic development. Entrepreneurship helps women entrepreneurs to be economically independent, when a woman becomes economically independent she achieves equal status in society with men. Women’s entrepreneurship is a driving force for positive social transformation and the success of women entrepreneurs generates ripple effects such as increased household savings, investment in children’s health & education, enhanced food security and nutrition, job creation and significant increases in national GDP. While Sri Lanka has almost achieved gender equality in health and education, women tend to still be more marginalized than men from economic opportunities. Women entrepreneurs also continue to face disadvantages resulting from their lack of access and capacity to use information and communication technologies. To address these issues, the Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment developed the lanka women e-market system for women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. This online portal provides a virtual place to the women entrepreneurs to directly sell their products to the buyers where they can showcase their products and creates an interface between the buyer and the seller.



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